“UPSIDE DOWN: Uniting Voices to Empower Tomorrow.”

As we navigate through a world that seems to be constantly turning itself upside down, we are facing big changes, unexpected twists, and new challenges. Our global dynamics and daily routines have experienced an upside-down flip: habits, approaches, widespread beliefs have been impacted by this revolution. This isn’t just a time of challenges but also of great opportunities. We’re finding new ways to innovate and work together, aiming to create a future that’s inclusive and sustainable. Despite the uncertainty, this is a chance for growth and understanding for everyone.

This year’s conference will take place on the 17th of February, 2024 at ESMT Berlin. With the theme “UPSIDE DOWN: Uniting Voices to Empower Tomorrow” , we dive into a dynamic exploration of change, where thought leaders from various fields come together to dissect recent worldwide shifts, envision future transformations, and share personal narratives of triumph over adversity. At our fourth TEDxESMTBerlin event, we’re getting ready to explore all of this and even more.

So, get ready to be inspired, to think differently, and to see the world in a new light. “UPSIDE DOWN: Uniting Voices to Empower Tomorrow” is a call to come together, to share ideas, and to make a real difference. Join us to uncover actionable insights on embracing change, fostering resilience, and shaping a future where challenges fuel growth and progress. Keep an eye out for more details about this exciting event, and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay updated

 2024 Speakers

Rosanna Sibora

VP of Digital Products and Innovation at Universal Music Deutschland

Topic: How to Lead Change

LinkedIn: Rosanna Sibora

Andreea-Maria Mandeal

Head of Marketing at Brighter AI

Topic: How Having a Plan B Might Be Detrimental to Your Success

LinkedIn: Andreea-Maria Mandea

Boris Eldagsen

Promptographer and Lecturer at Prompt Whispering AI

Topic: Outsourcing the Muse? AI Creativity Vs Human Creativity

LinkedIn: Boris Eldagsen

Dr. Carmen Köhler

CEO & Founder P3R GmbH

Topic: Prepare for Uncertainty by Flying to Mars

LinkedIn: Dr. Carmen Köhler

Philip Groth

CEO at Cerascreen

Topic: Empowering Health Choices in a Transforming World: Navigating the Digital Healthcare Revolution

LinkedIn: Philip Groth

Katarzyna Stoltmann

Team Lead of AI Specialists at Adesso SE

Topic: AI as Catalyst for More Inclusion & Equal Opportunities in the Future

LinkedIn: Katarzyna Stoltmann

Bianca Praetorius

Founder at Cherrish

Topic: Healing the Female Success Penalty in the Dating World

LinkedIn: Bianca Praetorius

Neil Metzler

Founder at Cloud Champions Coaching

Topic: Secrets to Career Resilience

LinkedIn: Neil Metzler

Sebastian Herz

Co-Founder at Zignify

Topic: In today’s world can one still build businesses based on educating, being honest, transparent and very affordable?

LinkedIn: Sebastian Herz

Bedeir Rizk

Co-Founder & CEO at Paragon Developments

Topic: Regenerative Work: The Next Gen of Cities

LinkedIn: Bedeir Rizk

Johanna Rüdiger

Head of Social Media Strategy, Culture and Documentaries at Deutsche Welle

Topic: Why Gen Z News Avoidance is a Myth

LinkedIn: Johanna Rüdiger

Niels Van Quaquebeke

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at Kühne Logistics University

Topic: Your Bot Boss: How AI will reshape leadership as we know it

LinkedIn: Neils Van Quaquebeke

Hannah Kromminga

Founder at GIFTD

Topic: The Revolution of Gifting

LinkedIn: Hannah Kromminga

Angelo Camufingo

Advisor, Consultant & Strategist in DEI and Organizational Development at STUBBORN Consulting

Topic: DEI as a Catalyst: Fostering Systemic Change and Embracing the World’s Complexity

LinkedIn: Angelo Camufingo

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