In our search for the right theme for the first edition of TEDxESMTBerlin 2021, we soon realized that these are times of questions without any definitive answers.
Will our lives ever get back to normal?
When will we be able to travel freely again?
How can we protect ourselves from this deadly virus?
Will the vaccines work?
There were many questions, but none have a fixed answer.
Some people have started accepting this lifestyle as “THE NEW NORMAL” whereas others have had more difficulties adapting and have fallen victim to the pressures of uncertainty. This is when the team of TEDxESMTBerlin realized that in order to help people now, we need to help them approach this new world with a positive and open mind-set. To help them to see how they can make the best out of this unusual situation. Thus, came the theme – “EMBRACING UNCERTAINTY”
We aim to help people embrace the current uncertainty, but also prepare them for any future ones.

Checkout this event brochure or blog to get a gist of the event. We hope to see you in our next conference!

Birgit Baier

Consulting Partner – Ogilvy Consulting Germany

Benedikt Bösel

CEO and Founder of Gut & Bösel

Jan Hagen

Associate professor at ESMT Berlin, Author of “Confronting Mistakes – Lessons from the Aviation Industry when Dealing with Error” and “How could this happen – Managing errors in organizations”

Lubomila Jordanova

Founder and CEO of PlanA.Earth, Founder of Greentech Alliance, 2021 Marshall Fund Fellow, 2020 Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs, Top 100 Women in Germany 2020

Sonja Jost

CEO and founder of DexLeChem, named one of “25 female inventors who are changing our world”

Patrick Klingler

Lead for Data Architecture and Artificial Intelligence at Mercedes-Benz

Nadine Mengis

Climate Scientist working towards a comprehensive assessment of net-zero strategies for Germany within the Helmholtz Climate Initiative

Wladimir Nikoluk

Founder and CEO of Atlas Metrics

Rike Pätzold

Uncertainty Enthusiast, Future Thinker and passionate about Emergence and Systems Change

Ludovic Subran

Chief Economist at Allianz and Euler Hermes, Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, ranked by the Choiseul Institute and Le Figaro as one of the 100 French leaders of tomorrow

Stefan Wagner

Associate Professor of Strategy and Innovation and Director of PhD studies at ESMT Berlin, Senior Fellow at the Berlin Centre for Consumer Policies (BCCP) and Association (EPIP) and of the Doctoral Program of the Berlin School of Economics board member of the European Policy for Intellectual Property