“Berlin : A driver of sustainable transformation?”

As the capital and largest city of Germany, Berlin is known for excellence in technologies, creative solutions, and sustainability. In Berlin, sustainability is not only a trend, but it has also been a part of Berliner life. We believe Berlin can influence greater decisions making to create a significant impact. With Berlin as the focus, we aim to initiate a successful sustainability transformation across multiple industries and ensure a better life for present and future generations. We hope that the attendees onsite can have a deeper understanding of the topics and have some tangible takeaways from the event.

This year’s conference will take place on the 4th of February 2023 at ESMT Berlin. With the theme “Berlin: A driver of sustainable transformation?”, we will focus on the transformation within the areas of economic development, social development, and environmental protection. We have speakers across a wide range of topics, including education, finance, and transportation amongst other.

Is Berlin a driver of sustainable transformation? Let’s find out, together! Join us on February 4th, 2023.

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Our 2023 Speakers

Markus Müller

Chief Investment Officer ESG & Global Head of Chief Investment Office | Deutsche Bank AG

Topic: Nature and economic choice – avoiding the tragedy of macro and market failure

Linkedln : Markus Müller

LL.M. Santa Meyer-Nandi

Director | FindingSustainia

Topic: Loneliness in Change Agents and What We Can do About it

Linkedln : LL.M. Santa Meyer-Nandi

Dr. Jörn Richert

CEO & Head Consultant | Mobility Institute Berlin

Topic: Why Berlin Needs a Strong Vision to Drive Mobility Transformation

Linkedln : Dr. Jörn Richert

Alina Bassi

Co-Founder | Keiderly

Topic: How to find your purpose and create a positive impact: be the change you want to see

Linkedln : Alina Bassi

Martin Walter

ESMT MBA Alumnus

Topic: The Berlin Bubble – An Innovation Bias

Linkedln : Martin Walter

Annemieke Lais

Founder & Education Consultant | #wirfürschule

Topic: Rethinking our education system as a catalyst for sustainable transformation

LinkedIn: Annemieke Lais

Anna Wagenschwanz, PhD

Sustainability Consultant | Bain & Company

Topic: How to achieve sustainable transformation—challenges & how to tackle them

LinkedIn: Anna Wagenschwanz

Vincent Zimmer

Founder | Hypt Helath

Topic: Da Vinci code of our Brain

LinkedIn: Vincent Zimmer

Julia Franchi Scarselli

Co-Founder | Libellula

Topic: Our food stories matter: here’s why

LinkedIn: Julia Franchi Scarselli

Theresa Reisch

Management Consultant | Bain & Company

Topic: Bridging the knowledge-action gap. How translating the benefits of sustainable transformation in financial terms can be a part of the solution.

LinkedIn: Theresa Reisch